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This six hundred-plus years old architectural masterpiece is constructed on an islet in the Worli bay. The building design itself is a magnificent example of Indo-Islamic architecture comprising of domes and minarets, all in white. Haji Ali is connected to the mainland by a narrow pathway. The pathway does not have any railings or restricting walls, hence accessing the shrine is more comfortable during low tides. Walking down the pathway could be a difficult task during monsoon and when the sea is rough.

Shooting sunsets at Haji Ali

Since Haji Ali faces east, one gets a head on view from the Worli promenade. Therefore, it is easy to get some good daytime images and even more dramatic images in the evening. Depending on the season, the weather conditions and the time of the year, one can get to shoot beautiful silhouettes of the dome and minaret, at times with dramatic cloud patterns. Seasonal sun positions behind the dome and the minaret offer exciting opportunities for creative compositions. In addition to this, the surrounding seashore is rocky, thereby giving good opportunity for slow shutter images at low tide.

Access: Bus or cab from Mahalakshmi or Mumbai Central railway stations on the Western Railway
Rig: From the promenade the entire building frames up at about 130mm (crop sensor). Closeups of the minaret will need upto 400mm and a 18-55mm should be handy for wider landscape shots.

Here’s some of my work at my favorite place in Mumbai to shoot sunsets.

The setting Sun captured behind the Haji Ali minaret

The setting Sun behind the Haji Ali Minaret

Haji Ali silhouette at Sunset

Varying Sun positions offer good scope for compositions

The calm after sunset at Haji Ali promenade

Haji Ali after sunset. Good opportunity for some low light and slow shutter images using a tripod

Close-up of the Haji Ali minaret with the setting sun

A closeup of the central minaret from the promenade

Haji Ali Dargah illuminated in the evening

Evenings may be windy sometimes, therefore carry a sturdy tripod

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