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These are various recognition and achievements received on Online Platforms and Forums. Also acceptances in International Salons as well as Contests and Theme Competitions happening across the web.

Just about a quarter of the year gone, I’ll keep appending my achievements in this post throughout 2017.


‘Twin Engine Kitchen’ – This image was selected among the best images of December 2016 on DCP Expeditions’ Travel forum.
The key criteria for selection being the uniqueness of the idea, the composition and execution of the image

Picture of the Day

‘Ass Good as Flying’ – was selected as the Picture of the Day on TCR India Photography on January 10

Common Stonechat

‘Balancing Act’ – This Common Stonechat image was selected as the Picture of the Day on TCR India Photography on January 18

Weekly Contest - Theme Colour red

‘Red-dy for Goodbye’ – TCR India Photography ran a weekly contest themed ‘Colour Red’. This image won the third place

PSI Salon 2017

‘Hanging Out’ – This image, which was made in Switzerland, won me an acceptance in the PSI Salon 2017

Display at Jehangir Art Gallery

‘Hanging Out’ was displayed on a digital screen at the PSI Salon 2017 exhibition in the Jehangir Art Gallery

Camels at Pushkar fair

‘The Marketplace’ – This image was made in Pushkar, Rajashtan during the Pushkar Camel Fair. It got displayed on DCP Expeditions’ Travel forum on Facebook


‘The More The Merrier’ – The Gullscape from Bhigwan earned a place on DCP Expeditions’ Wildlife page masthead

Sanctuary Asia - Instagram

Sanctuary Asia published these tigers on their Instagram page on March 23rd

Tigers of Tadoba

‘Eye Of The Tiger’ – The image in it’s original composition.

Foto Art International Super Circuit:

FASC accepted two of my images in the Travel category for their Salon 2017


‘Toblerone Mountain’ – Matterhorn peak as seen from Zermatt village

‘Ropeway to Heaven’ – The Cable Car to Matterhorn Glacier Paradise from Zermatt

Asian International Salon 2017

Three acceptances in the Asian International Photosalon. One under ‘Nature’ and two in the ‘Travel’ category

Black Tailed Godwits fighting

‘Fight of the God-Wits’ – This territorial fight of the Godwits was captured in Bhigwan, Maharashtra.

Trummelbach Falls

‘The Hidden Falls’ – The famous underground or cave waterfalls of Trummelbach, Switzerland

Taj Mahal Hotel, Mumbai

‘The Flypast’ – Gulls fly across Mumbai’s iconic Taj Mahal Hotel

Best of the month - DCP Travel

When your prime objective in Photography has always been to excel in Lighting and Composition, it gives great pleasure when your image gets selected as ‘Best of the Month’ for Lighting in DCPs’ Travel forum

… to be continued…

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