Photography Competition and Exhibition – NEST India 2016

Nature and Environment Society of Thane (NEST) had organised a Photography competition cum exhibition. This was a very interesting event as it had 3 levels of elimination rounds. Also, the judging panel included some top notch names like Baiju Patil, Dhritman Mukharjee and Clement Francies.

Four of my images made it through the elimination rounds but lost out to the winners in the final. The extremely well presented exhibition took place in Vasai between January 26th to 28th 2017. I must say I was impressed by the way the exhibits were displayed, each image having ample breathing space and framed nicely with proper labeling and credits to the photographers. All credit to Sachin Main and his NEST team!!

Tiger image displayed at NEST Photography competition
‘Lapping up the evening’ – This is Sonam’s cub, lapping up the evening light in the Yenboudi waterhole at Tadoba. This image scored for me in back to back exhibitions
Green Vine Snake image exhibited at NEST Photography competition
‘Sometimes Green means Danger’ –
The Green Vine Snake of Matheran won me a second exhibition entry
Vernal Hanging Parrot, displayed at NEST Photography competition
‘Green Lantern’ –
Vernal Hanging Parrot shot in the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary, Goa. This image has already won recognition in online forums, but its selection for the NEST exhibition was a joyous moment
Tigers from Tadoba at NEST Photography competition
‘Prodigies’ –
This image was made in the Pandharpauni region of Tadoba. It is an unpublished image till date


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