Sanjay Gandhi National Park (SGNP)

Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park within a bustling Metropolis!

Borivali National Park, now renamed Sanjay Gandhi National Park (SGNP), has been my backyard and picnic spot since childhood.

Predominantly known to people as a public park, its major attractions are the iconic mini train (the Van Rani – Jungle Queen) and the boating area. SGNP is one of the most visited parks in the city, a favorite among morning walkers, cyclists and nature lovers. It also acts as a gateway to the famous Kanheri Caves.

But behind this public facade, SGNP is a large protected wildlife zone. It is in fact the only major national park existing within a metropolis limit. SGNP is alive with nature and bird activity and even in the public places one has a huge scope for bird and macro photography.

Bird Sightings:

Common sightings in SGNP are the Coppersmith Barbet, Asian Koel, Black Drongo, Golden Oriole, Starlings, Little Cormorant, Magpie Robin, Long Tailed Shrike, Bulbul, various raptors and water birds like the White Breasted Water Hen. It wont be a surprise though to spot an Indian Paradise Flycatcher or a Common Hoopoe. Also Chital or the Spotted Deer are seen roaming freely around the park.

Winter season sees a lot of migratory and transient birds choose this park as their residence.

Access: Sanjay Gandhi National Park is easily accessible from the Borivali railway station (on it’s East side) on Mumbai’s Western Railway.

A Long Tailed Shrike seen at Borivali National Park
A Long Tailed Shrike commonly seen at SGNP
White Throated Kingfisher
Numerous White Throated Kingfisher and Common Kingfisher are seen at various spots around the water bodies
Spotted Deer at Borivali National Park
Spotted Deer roam freely within the park
Spotted Deer near the boating lake
…and sometimes give amazing photo-ops in the dramatic evening light
Coucal sighted at Borivali National Park
Known as the ‘Bharadwaj’ in Marathi it is fabled to be a luck charm. So if you want to have a great day, just visit SGNP in the morning
Little Cormorant
A Little Cormorant landing
Rivulet in SGNP
Monsoon lays a green carpet over SGNP with numerous lazy flowing rivulets all around
A Waterfall in Borivali National Park
…giving life to lovely waterfalls


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