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Photography Courses

Listed below are the photography courses which Swapnil Agaskar conducts in-house at Swapnil Agaskar Studios.
The syllabus of each course is finely curated based on the decade long teaching experience he has, with institutions like the Aditya College of Design Studies. Every course has ample amount of practical hands-on study and is designed on the credit-scoring systems used by major teaching institutions, making it easy to understand as one learns.
Strategically placed assignments, tests and reviews ensure a high amount of individual learning. Every major topic taught is followed up by practical sessions and assignments based on that particular topic.
The syllabus includes outdoor visits wherever required, but the classroom sessions are conducted in a comfortable studio environment, with top-of-the-line studio lighting equipment handy for reference.
The studio itself is located in a prime commercial building, close to Kandivali railway station and Akurli Metro station.

Duration: 6 hours classroom session (Extendable to 3 hours outdoor practical session the following day)
This course covers the basic techniques of digital photography, introducing the student to the single lens reflex camera.
This course is ideal for those who want to get out of the Auto and Program modes of the camera and start controlling it in the Manual or the Priority modes.
If you want to start off on some serious hobby photography, upgrade yourself from a cellphone camera photographer to a digital camera expert, or even brush up your existing photography skills, then this is the right course to attend.
The course is also helpful for small businesses who want to shoot their own products, or for students of Art, Architecture, Media Communication and Fashion.
The best course to attend immediately after buying a digital SLR or Mirrorless camera.
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Duration: Approximately 50 hours, across classroom sessions, practical sessions and self-learning assignments.
This is a foundation course, which introduces participants to the fundamentals of photography. Starting from the very basics of holding the camera to capturing the correct image, this course sets the groundwork for the advanced training module and specialization in various genres of photography.
Spanning across approximately 50 hours of learning (Guided learning + Self Learning), this course is designed to be a twice a week session, scheduled to complete within a month.
Depending on the participation, this course is conducted on weekends or over weekdays.
Each session is of 3 hours.
Click here to know more about the syllabus and course structure.

Duration: Approximately 650 hours, across 6 months.
The comprehensive advanced photography course targets at creating Professionals, capable of entering the Photography industry as entrepreneurs or service professionals at an individual or a group level.
Supported with ample practical sessions and mentored outings, students will be getting hands-on experience of the techniques they learn. The program will equip the student with an advance know-how of the art as well as the equipment involved.
The technical and theoretical knowledge is supported by the ample practical experience provided. These practical sessions include indoor shoots, both in available and artificial light. A fully equipped state of the art studio introduces students to the use of high-end professional series lighting system, quality soft boxes & reflectors.
Outdoor visits include shooting at various venues and during public events and festivities, giving the students exposure to various shooting scenarios and lighting conditions.
The course also includes industry visits and guest lectures for various topics of photography as well as related to business management, public speaking and sales interaction, which is the client facing role of a professional photographer.
To know more about the course structure, click here.

Photography Workshops

A variety of Photography workshops are conducted at Swapnil Agaskar Studios.
These educational sessions are a combination of classroom training and practical experiments. The duration of these experiential learning sessions depends on the genre and the depth of the particular topic. Depending on the topic these sessions are conducted indoors, within the studio premises under controlled lighting environment or outdoors in suitable locations.
Most of the workshops are conducted by Swapnil Agaskar himself, but some specialized sessions feature external industry experts. All workshops are planned with a smaller to medium group size, so that the teacher can pay undivided attention to every student.
Professional models, Stylists and Product material is used for the workshops, depending on the genre of the experiential session.
Workshops will be added to the schedule as and when planned, but listed below are some which are regularly conducted.

A one day experiential session which introduces the student to studio lighting and its very basics. Participants understand the behavior and functionality of studio lights and speedlights (Flash Guns), how light is modified and for what reasons.
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There are various lighting styles when it comes to shooting portraits. This workshop not only introduces students to the professional terms like Loop lighting or Rembrandt lighting, but also teaches them how to set the studio lights to achieve the results.
This training session stretches from one day to multiple days, depending on the number of lighting styles that are covered.
A student can enroll for one session or for the entire module comprising of multiple sessions.
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Glass and Metal are 2 most difficult subjects to photograph, because of their reflective and transparent nature.
This experiential workshop teaches you how to photograph products made of glass or stainless steel, under controlled professional studio lighting.
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An almost glamourous and highly engaging method of photographing products commercially is Splash Photography.
Be it a slice of lemon splashing into a lemonade jar or a face wash tube diving into clear water. These are the images that make you stand out from the ordinary photographer.
HSS shooting opens the door to a different kind of learning
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One of the most popular and engaging workshops conducted by Swapnil Agaskar is the Cellphone Camera Photography workshop.
This 2-hour interactive session (an extended version with a 2 hour outdoor shooting session is also available) teaches you how to make the most of your cellphone camera, be it an Android phone or an Apple iOS iPhone.
Learn the tips and tricks of capturing great quality images on your existing mobile phones. Explore the functions you never even knew existed in your hand-held gadget and also understand what accessories are available in the market to leverage your phone camera output.
This workshop has a dedicated module on ‘How to shoot great Selfies’
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Digital photography is incomplete without post processing. Shooting your images in RAW format as against in JPEG, lets you control the entire dynamic range gamut of your image.
While it is mandatory to achieve at least 80% of your image result correctly in-camera, post processing is the tool that takes your image to its highest finished level.
Learn hands on post processing in this day session, in the comfort of a professional studio.
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Educational Photography Tours

What sets the Photography tours conducted by Swapnil Agaskar apart from the usual Photo-tours is the Education part. When you travel with Swapnil, you travel with a photography teacher, not just a photographer or a mentor.
These are carefully planned tours, with a combination of classroom training, dedicated discussions, image reviews and of course on-field guidance. The tours will be a small group affair and will be conducted in association with a logistic partner, specializing in touring in that particular region.
The objective of these tours is not just to ensure that participants get award winning images, but also to impart knowledge.
Before every tour there will be a classroom interaction to brush up or teach you the specific photography skills required for the tour. A review of your gadgets and your existing skills will be done and the training will be planned accordingly.
The following educational photography tours will be conducted on a regular basis:

  • Wildlife Photography Tours (Mammals and Birds)
  • Travel Photography and Photo Journalism Tours
  • International Travel Photography Tours
  • Slow shutter photography tours
  • Heritage photography tours

Stay tuned for the schedule or connect with Swapnil Agaskar directly to plan personal ones.

Online Tutorials

For those staying far from Mumbai or unable to attend physical workshops or courses, Swapnil Agaskar Studios conducts select online tutorials.
These are mainly the ‘Basics of Digital Photography’ and ‘Cellphone Camera Photography’ workshops.
Online tutorials are conducted over ZOOM and the duration depends on the type of the workshop.
Swapnil has successfully conducted both these workshops for participants across India as well as the USA, Australia, New Zealand and UAE.
A Basics of Digital Photography workshop was organized in association with the NGO ‘Making The Difference’, where part proceedings of the revenue was donated to the Mumbai Dabbawallas who were suffering heavily due to the Covid lockdown.
For inquiries on Online Tutorials, please click here.